Tired of your leg veins, spider veins, and discomfort? The board-certified and Harvard-trained vein doctors in Long Island restore your legs’ health and beauty.

 8 Reasons to Choose Our Vein Treatment in Long Island

  1. Highest Standards of Vein Care: Our Vein Treatments in Long Island are led by an incredibly talented team of Ivy League-trained vein doctors specializing in vascular medicine. They have performed hundreds of minimally invasive vein treatments using a comprehensive and personalized treatment algorithm that ensures optimal results. Our board-certified vein physicians listen to your unique symptoms and concerns to curate personalized treatment plans that address your unique problems. We keep you informed and updated at every stage of the process.
  2. Individually Tailored Treatments: The vein doctors at our Vein Treatments in Long Island follow a collaborative approach to vein care. Each case is collaboratively examined and discussed with all our other vein doctors across the nation. Furthermore, each vein treatment plan is finally approved by our Harvard-trained medical directors, ensuring the highest quality of treatment. Meeting one of our vein doctors is like meeting the entire team.
  3. Double-Accredited Vein Treatment in LI: Our state-of-the-art Vein Treatment in Jericho and Lindenhurst, LI, have undergone rigorous tests and approval processes to receive double accreditation in vascular medicine and vascular imaging. We have successfully met and surpassed all the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) requirements, so you can be assured of the highest vein care safety and standards. (New vein treatment centers in Long Island may be in the accreditation process at the time of this publication.)
  4. Board-Certified Vein Doctors in Long Island: Our Vein Treatments in Long Island are led by hand-picked vein doctors who come from diverse medical backgrounds, specializing in cardiology, anesthesiology, general medicine, cosmetic surgeries, and more. Furthermore, our vein doctors are board-certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM), which means they’ve undergone a rigorous series of tests and examinations to guarantee that they’re familiar with the latest vein treatments, methodologies, and technologies. (New vein doctors in Long Island may be in the board certification process at the time of this publication.)
  5. Concierge Care: At our Vein Treatments in Long Island, each patient is assigned a concierge coordinator — someone whose sole responsibility is to ensure optimal comfort. Our concierge coordinator is available at all times to answer your questions and concerns, and our vein doctors can also be reached via texts or phone calls.
  6. Transparent Costs & Insurance Coverage: Our LI vein treatments accept all major insurance plans, and we work closely with your insurance providers to help you achieve maximum coverage. Furthermore, our insurance concierge is always available to answer your insurance-related questions. We also have a “no surprise billing” policy, so you can rest assured you’ll receive a complete breakdown of your treatment costs before you proceed. We also handle all the insurance paperwork on your behalf. (Please note that most insurance providers stipulate certain conditions, such as proving the vein treatments’ medical necessity, trying compression stockings for three months, and more. We discover all the necessary requirements and help you through the process.) 
  7. Highly-Accessible Vein Care in Long Island: We have state-of-the-art vein treatments in various parts of Long Island, including Lindenhurst, Jericho, and the Hamptons. As such, whether you’re on the North Shore or South Shore, you can find an accessible vein treatment center close to home.
  8. Flawless Track Record & Reviews: Our vein treatments in Long Island maintain perfect track records, as evidenced by their unanimous 5-star ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook, and Real Self. You can go through our patients’ success stories for yourself.