Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a solution, called a sclerosant, is injected into a spider vein or varicose vein to prompt its closure. The sclerosant irritates the venous walls, causing scar tissue to form and occlude the vein. Blood is then diverted into healthy veins and continues toward the heart, rather than accumulating in the defective vein.

How Does Sclerotherapy Repair Veins?

A sclerotherapy vein treatment begins with our doctors identifying the problematic vein either visually or with ultrasound guidance. We then elevate the affected leg and inject the vein with a sclerosing solution that chemically disrupts the lumen of the vein. This causes the vein to collapse and stick together, creating a clot that seals blood out.

As a result, blood reroutes into functional veins that carry it back to the heart, instead of collecting in or retreating through veins with broken valves. Once the vein is treated, it hardens and is absorbed by your body, so that it’s no longer visible and cannot impair circulation.

Our doctors apply gentle pressure briefly after the injection, to keep blood from pooling in your vein when you rise. Patients only need to wear a compression stocking for a few days after treatment but can otherwise resume normal activities.

At our Long Island Vein Treatment Clinic, sclerotherapy takes just 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of veins to treat. It requires no downtime and is performed in our office without anesthesia. Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective ways to resolve spider veins and small varicose veins.

Are Sclerotherapy Procedures Painful?

Sclerotherapy is virtually painless when performed by a qualified vein treatment specialist. Our vein experts have conducted countless sclerotherapy treatments, lending superior accuracy and precision to our technique. At most, you’ll feel burning or cramping in the treatment area, which resolves within seconds. If you have extensive vein damage, you might require subsequent sessions, but many patients only need one injection.

What would happen if I let my varicose veins go untreated, or if I seek treatment from an unreputable clinic? Highly trained varicose vein doctors in NYC talk about five risks of not seeking treatment for varicose veins or getting treated in the wrong place.

What are the Pros & Cons of Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Pros of Treating Spider & Varicose Veins with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is among the least disruptive vein treatments since it’s done in under 30 minutes without anesthesia or downtime time involved. It is non-invasive, non-thermal, and doesn’t require stitches, medical implants, or surgical removal of the vein.

In addition, sclerotherapy is performed in our office, so you won’t need to go to a hospital or stay overnight for recovery. There is virtually no preparation required and the post-procedural protocol is only a few days of wearing a compression stocking.

Cons of Treating Spider & Varicose Veins with Sclerotherapy

The chief con of sclerotherapy is that it’s not as effective against larger varicose veins. If your veins are severely engorged or you have several malfunctioning veins, a different treatment like radiofrequency ablation or VenaSeal™ might be advised.

Our doctors might also combine sclerotherapy with other procedures for full resolution of your vascular issues. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for spider veins and varicose veins, but our award-winning doctors will customize the perfect solution for you.

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